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The Pachamama Forest Restoration Project

The Pachamama Forest Restoration Project works to restore degraded land on the edge of the indigenous Knysna forests. Our vision is the full restoration and regeneration of the indigenous forests, focusing on degraded forest edges, riparian zones, and land affected by wildfires, on the buffer zone of the Garden Route National Park in the Kraaibosch region, Western Cape.

Pachamama Water Resilience Strategy

The Pachamama Water Resilience Projects aims to create resilience in the face of the climate crisis, and extreme weather patterns such as droughts, floods and wildfires. In so doing, we aim to demonstrate a model that can be replicated, as the need for community to adapt adaptation increases

Soil Regeneration

The health of the soil, and soil organisms are the foundation upon which the rest of the ecosystem is built. Improving the soil quality across the landscape is a high priority. Healthy soils have the potential to become carbon sinks, as plants and trees, pump carbon in the form of sugars in their root exudate, feeding the soil organisms, who make minerals available to the plants and trees. Therefore optimizing the health of the soils is essential to accelerating the rate of regeneration, as well as increasing the carbon storage capacity of the landscape.


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