“It is our purpose to restore the relationship between people and planet, creating holistic community and a regenerative culture so that life on Earth can thrive, both now and for generations to come.”

Pachamama project NPC, is taking direct action. Piloting innovative ecosystem restoration models as well as climate adaptation strategies into replicable systems that are holistic, circular and regenerative.

What we are working on:


A remarkable blend of passion & expertise
Christopher Nash

Christopher Nash

Managing Director of Pachamama Project NPC

Christopher Nash - Founder of Bio-Harmonic Permaculture (South Africa), he is motivated by a deep connection with nature and inspired to create regenerative circular systems and spaces that support the holistic health and well-being of the next 7 generations. He has studied permaculture, project management, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and ecovillage design education. His work is centred around symbiosis with all 6 biological kingdoms, and is passionate about heart centred collaboration and co-creation.

Dylan Treeman

Dylan Treeman

Eco-Tourism Manager

Dylan Treeman - has created a lifestyle based on service, living and working within communities practicing ecological regeneration. He holds a strong desire to connect with fellow solution seekers and create opportunities for collective action towards nature conservation & rehabilitation. At Pachamama, he has found purpose and passion in his work. Behind the scenes he manages the guest lodge, the kitchen and works with the volunteers.

Daniel Ritter

Daniel Ritter

Woodsman - sustainable wood resource management

Does most of the groundwork and heavy labour - He loves challenging himself physically! He has walked (Barefoot) from Namibia to Capetown, camping along the way, foraging wild plant foods and has now found a home in our community. He is a talented musician and keeps us entertained around the fire. He is the “Fire-keeper”

Kate Curtis

Kate Curtis

Vegetable Gardens & permaculture

Kate Curtis is passionate about eco-education, Ecosystem Restoration and bringing people to reconnect to nature. From 2013 -2017 she co- founded Soil*Sun*Soul- an eco-educational organisation that runs agro-ecology training. She has co-facilitated various Permaculture Design Courses, as well as Sustainable Food Production Training and Soil4Life event for CCIVS for Climate Justice. She designed and implemented a practical land regeneration project at Boodaville, Spain and formed part of the team at Orígens- Escola Taller to Bioconstrucción (Spain). She was a long-term volunteer at Gaia Ashram (Thailand) where she still participates and facilitates on Ecovillage Design Education trainings. At Pachamama she felt a strong calling to return home to South Africa and be of service to Earth by sharing in the reforestation and land-regeneration projects here. A writer and illustrator- She believes a new story IS possible!

Visitor Reviews

What people are saying about us

Ele Jacobs


"Where to begin...It is like a piece of love in the middle of the forrest. The people I've met here and the memories I've made are all enveloped in so much love. I volunteered at Pacha for 4 months and quite honestly, it's been the best time of my life. Though we worked hard
it never felt like work once, it was always fun and entertaining. The energy that this ground radiates, keeps you going every second of every day. Connecting to the forrest, connecting to the earth and at the end connecting to the spirit. I found a piece of my soul at Pachamama, the biggest gift Mother Earth ever gave me. I thank all of you beautiful energies, human and non-human, for teaching me, for guiding me and for healing me.
Pachamama is forever engraved on my soul and I will remember our experiences together for many lifetimes to come.

Gabby & Matt


We only stayed one week, but we loved being a part of this beautiful community!
We worked 5 hours per day, roughly, Monday through Friday. All the work is manageable and helps contribute to the eco-friendly lifestyle. We tended to the garden, weaved wattle branches for fences around the gardens, made compost, cleared trees, planted seedlings, helped prepare meals and much more. The work was different every day, and some tasks were relaxing and some were harder physically but still really rewarding.
All the food was incredible; it's low season so there isn't much income. Matt and I contributed 300 rand for the week to cover specialty groceries like honey and seeds and fruit, but Dylan is very flexible with that and he's happy to discuss your personal financial situation with you. We also lived in a little cabin since there weren't any guests, which was lovely.
Overall, I loved getting to know all the amazing people here, through music and drumming, through working on the land, through yoga and meditation, and through conversations and stories around the campfire. This was a very immersive experience living off the grid, and I learned a lot about permaculture and sustainable living.
Thanks Dylan and everyone at this project for a beautiful and fun week, we honestly wish we could stay longer!!! :)

Fabien Daumer


"My experience at Pachamama has been amazing. The energy mobilized for the reforestation project is inspiring. I learned about how to help the forest regain good health, to regenerate itself. The values of sharing, mutual aid, love, respect, that animate life in the Patchamama is a lesson to grow up yourself. I remember incredible memories around the fire, to playing music, talking and convivial meals. Thank you vezy much Nixi for the welcome, the opportunity you gave me to understand better South Africa and the heartbeat. Thank you also to all the wonderful people that I met. I wish the trees, the forest grow and bloom. Take care."


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