Pachamama Project NPC

A regenerative forestry project, burgeoning community, healing/retreat and living learning center.

“It is our purpose to restore the relationship between people and planet, creating a holistic community and regenerative culture so that life on Earth can thrive.”

Pachamama Project NPC is developing innovative ecosystem restoration models, climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, and systems that are holistic, circular and regenerative.


What we are working on:

Living Learning Centre

Researching local flora & raising awareness in the surrounding community.


Producing organic, GMO-free food & medicine.


Restoring the forest by removing alien species and planting indigenous saplings.


Homtini Foresters provides local timber

Volunteer Program

Join us in an ongoing adventure!

Plant Trees

Clear Invasive Species

Grow Food


Join our community and be part of a global change.

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Latest News

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    Site upgrades and a better way to interact with us! We are creating an interactive website that will constantly change and offer new possibilities. Verified members, will get access to content, keeping members in the loop and giving us the ability to […]
  • Restoring an Ecosystem
    Restoring an Ecosystem The first major milestone of the Pachamama Forest Restoration Project is nearing completion. Planting two thousand trees in six months was the project we took on in December 2019. This was certainly a challenging task, considering the hectare of […]
  • Planting Trees – at last!
    It is with real pleasure and happiness that all Pachamama volunteers joined together last Monday to plant the very first indigenous trees of the Pachamama Forest Restoration Project.  We currently are a team of five volunteers that decided to stay over the […]