Wilderness, Sweat Lodge Ceremony

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21/10/2018 @ 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Africa/Johannesburg Timezone
"Our Farm"
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Wilderness, Sweat Lodge Ceremony @ "Our Farm"

Nixiwaka will be holding a Sweat Lodge Purification Ceremony here at “Our Farm”, beginning at 3pm on Sunday 21st Oct.  

We will gather with the community on Saturday 20th to build the Sweat Lodge, prepare the space and collect the rocks and firewood.

On Saturday evening we will enjoy some time together around the fire playing drums and singing.

On Sunday morning the community will cover the new lodge with blankets and prepare the fire.

The Sweat lodge, beginning at two o’clock, usually lasts about two and a half hours after which we share some soup n bread.

Ritual sweating is a physical and spiritual cleansing practice, an introspection tool that enables us to connect to source, releasing that which no longer serves us and receiving that which we need to move forward in our spiritual growth.

Our Sweat lodge is an integration of the African Sweat Hut, the Temazcal and the Inipi; and the songs of those traditions.; it is held in the red path/sacred fire design, exploring ancient and new songs as a ‘glue’ to hold our community together. The songs showing appreciation for creation, clearing away obstructions to clarity and growth. They lift our spirits and honour the spirit beings. The ceremony has four rounds, each round lasting for approximately half an hour.

The greater underlying intention in these ceremonies is to acknowledge, feel and experience our spirit bodies. When groups of people come together and focus their intent, it becomes a potentially powerful and creative situation. By doing these ceremonies we gently weave a web of connections between those present and all of our relations (all of creation).

Nixiwaka has been holding regular Sweat Lodge in South Africa since 1993. His lodges are well loved and he has facilitated many transforming experiences in many different circumstances. He sees the Sweat Lodge as a tool and as such something that adapts to the community it serves.

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