This is a term used by firefighters, farmers and generally people who care for a particular piece of land, have the appropriate vehicle and the desire to protect life from a fire. It describes a homemade firefighting unit, comprising of a water tank, a water pump and some fire hoses fitted on to the back of a Pickup truck (Known in Southern Africa as a Bakkie, an Afrikaans word describing a small basin or another container).

Bakkie sakkies are usually run by concerned members of the public who have a desire to protect the community from the threat of wildfire by being prepared and organised.

These fire units(Bakkie Sakkies) are mostly privately owned and financed. When there is a fire emergency, the community comes together under an FMU (Fire Management unit) to protect people, animals, plants and trees from fire.

Pachamama Forest Retreat is setting up the Kraaibosch/Homtini FMU. It is part of our forestry program. If we are going to plant thousands of trees, we want to be in a position to protect them.

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Nixiwaka Stirling

Nixiwaka Stirling

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