Pachamama Team


Grounds Man

Nixiwaka Stirling 

Co-founder and director of Pachamama, is a shamanic therapist, specialising in sacred psychology, deep healing dietary aftercare for recovering patients; psychological/emotional trauma therapy, dietary healing, retreats, purification and cleansing rituals.

He is registered with the South African Traditional Doctors Union, the African Traditional Health Practitioners and Spiritual Healers Organisation under Primary Health Care and the Public Health Association of South Africa.

Nixiwaka has been pouring Sweat Lodge since 1994 and continues to participate in the Sun Dance in Santa Catarina in Brazil as a Drummer.

Nixiwaka is most interested in exploring alternative healing techniques and medicines used in traditional cultures, who have a direct connection to the natural world through their ceremony and rituals. He is also focused on methodologies to integrate these teachings into our current society and culture, with knowledge and support from informed experts in their fields. Having a special interest in Sound and how we communicate with nature using song and ceremony.

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Member and Yoga Instructor

Txarani Harmse

Co-founder of the Pachamama Forest Retreat.

She is a certified Yoga teacher and instructor – specialising in Kundalini and Yin Yoga. She has studied with the Soul Ascension School of Healing Arts and has completed a specialist Kundalini yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) course with the GuruRamdas Kundalini Yoga Studio in Cape Town. She has self-studied and explored the connection between the energy bodies and physical body, and how to utilise Dietary Healing, Yoga, Meditation and Sound to help release energetic & emotional blockages within the body. She has been working with Nixiwaka in apprenticeship for the past three years.

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Doctors Beyond Medicine

We are supported by Doctors Beyond Medicine as advisory/consultant practitioners.

Healing is found by addressing the cause (spiritually, physically, mentally), correcting nutritional deficiencies, cleaning the body systems and mind from toxicity overload, helping the immune system function optimally through integrated programs, living life with commitment to an evolutionary journey.

Dr Sakeena and Dr Michael of Doctors Beyond Medicine are committed to finding solutions beyond conventional offerings and availability. They combine knowledge from various modalities of life, both medical and natural, to overcome day to day challenges of health, disease and living. Their approach is to empower the individual, the family, the community through addressing the cause of disease, to educate on natural self-care, better nutrition and how to grow/prepare foods and remedies within the continuum of what is custom, affordable, and available.



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