We provide the space and support for people seeking to cleanse and heal their bodies through integrative diet.  In life it can be hard to find the time and space to plan and actualise the intention to do a well deserved cleanse, with demanding jobs/kids/spouse/social life to juggle or dodge when trying to keep to a program of healthy routines. We offer our support and services to go through the processes and to empower you with practical knowledge and tools to take with you when you leave.

Many of the dis-ease that we currently face as a society can be treated through an awareness and shift in our diet. Eating a naturally grown, plant-based diet can assist in re-nourishing the body with the essential minerals and vitamins that it needs in order to heal and function at optimal health. Preparing food that is easy for the body to digest and supplementing one’s diet with fermented probiotic foods, ensures maximum assimilation of nutrients and reduces the strain on the digestive organs. Regular cleansing and detoxing helps remove toxins and aids the bodies natural healing process.

Working with dietary healing provides an opportunity to reflect on and shift deep emotional and mental programming that is connected to the food you eat, your perception of your body, your health and over-all state of well-being.

For your convenience, you may enquire to us about the dates that suit you to come on a private cleansing/dietary retreat, we are always open to helping someone who is willing to put in the time & effort to help themselves. We offer affordable prices so that this opportunity is accessible for those who are serious about making a shift towards their higher potential.

We offer assistance with dietary healing through:

  • Providing you with nutritional balanced plant-based meals during your stay with us.
  • Providing you with emotional support and a quiet space to reflect and process the healing on all levels.
  • Daily yoga and meditation, by arrangement, to assist with detoxing of the body and mind.
  • Regular detox and cleansing programs and assistance.
  • A supply of home-made fermented probiotics including kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha.
  • Private consultations regarding personal healing.

Contacts us to enquire further about booking a dietary retreat or view our calendar for upcoming group retreats and gatherings.

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