The Vision

To apply a model of ecosystem restoration principles as a collaborative project to serve as a template for rehabilitation of local landscapes degraded by agricultural & logging activity. Pachamama land is on the boundary of ‘Jubilee Creek nature reserve’, Knysna and is densely populated with invasive tree species which block a natural watercourse on the land. By redesigning the landscape we will turn the area into an oasis for life, nourishing the function of biodiversity in the region. 

We are also using the forestation opportunity to create a multi-species flowering tree mandala in motion, visible from satellite imagery. 

Serving as a learning facility, we will empower many participants with skills to share with the broader global network of ecosystem restoration projects.

The Method

By designing systems through applied methods of permaculture & agroforestry, we are inviting the surrounding indigenous forest onto the property. Through clearing the invasive trees, processing them back into the soil, catching and storing water through contour swales, we are regenerating a natural system which has been diverted through human activity. The project is executed by a team of determined individuals who are addressing the solutions to nourish cohesive human-ecological function.

The Opportunity

To acquire funding, we are developing systems for investors to participate in the growth, momentum & maintenance of this project. Our funding considerations and options are detailed in the corresponding section of the navigational document on the following page.

In contributing to an ecological restoration project on a local level, we are seeding solutions to adapt to the context of the global social & environmental issues we collectively face today. 

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