Living & Learning Center

Living & Learning Center

“You are the best lessons you learn from life. I have grown up learning from my life.”

Raveena Tandon

Workshops & Courses

Moving forward we aim to start hosting more regular workshops and courses related to creating a regenerative culture. 

There have been different workshops, yoga classes and healing sessions offered in the Yoga Hall and many beautiful music sessions in the opa and around the fire. These workshops have been offered by both team members as well as volunteers, and guests. 

Volunteer Program

Grow your skills & gain valuable experience while contributing valuable energy… create memories worth sharing!

The Pachamama Living Learning Center facilitates the exchange of skills, knowledge, and experience, seeding practical ways to adapt and regenerate. It weaves together an international network of people, projects, and possibilities for collaboration and co-creation of a new paradigm. It plants seeds of a new story of hope nurtured through direct action. In addition to this it can offer additional revenue that can supplement the implementation costs of projects that also offer educational value to the public.

Volunteers not only contribute to delicious, healthy meals and  hard work on the land, in the garden, nursery, cleaning, etc. They also bring a vital element of appreciation, fun, joy and learning! Volunteers contribute R250 a week to the kitchen department to subsidise the cost of meals, and also have the option to rent a cabin at a discounted rate, helping to improve occupancy, especially during the quiet months.

This year, 2021, we’re streamlining our volunteer programme towards a 3 week on, 1 week off timeline. Below are the available dates to come visit us as a volunteer. Ideally, the volunteers stay for the entire 3 week process but we also welcome shorter stays. It’s also ideal to also arrive on a Sunday to start the week with our Monday morning meeting.

Available dates: 17 May – 4 June, 28 Jun – 16 Jul, 28 June – 16 July, 27 July – 13 August, 23 August – 10 September

This is a call to all those who would like to create change, collaborate, and co-create a new story. A story in which people live in harmony with each other and the natural world. A story in which the well being of future generations is safeguarded and secured.

We are taking direct action in the face of pressing environmental and social concerns. We have the tools to restore degraded landscapes and ecosystems. We have the knowledge and skills to create networks and communities that can co-create new ways of approaching life, new ways of working together, collaborating and co-creating from the heart, restoring a personal connection to the Earth and all life that she supports.

We would like to invite you to be a part of this new story. We would like to share the skills and knowledge that inspires and empowers people to restore their connection to the natural world, and in so doing restores the ecological integrity of the spaces around them.Taking practical steps to creating a world that honors all life, and creates abundant possibilities for future generations.

We are piloting holistic and innovative ecosystem restoration models, reforesting degraded land, and developing climate adaptation and mitigation strategies. We are in the process of establishing a living learning center, to share skills and knowledge, as well as an agro-forestry project to grow nutrient dense chemical free food for the community. We have set up a nursery to propagate trees and plants for the agro-forestry and forest restoration project. We have set up a sawmill to process invasive vegetation into timber for our carpentry workshop, and plan on experimenting with tiny house construction in 2020.

Our volunteer program is a central pillar in meeting this objective. We offer an immersive learning experience, engaging heads, hearts, and hands, in service to nature, co-creating holistic systems that support regenerative lifestyles and communities.

The program is for individuals who resonate with this vision and the work that we do, and are interested in being part of our community project for a period of time.

Please note: We do not accept ‘walk in’ volunteers. Anyone wishing to volunteer at Pachamama should complete the application process. This is essential. We don’t make exceptions!

Our volunteer program is a 3 week exchange. We are limited to the number of volunteers we can accept (we get a lot of applications) and those who specify 2-3 weeks in the application form are favored.

As a community, we have the opportunity to learn from one another, to discover and explore the power of collaboration and co-creation. Spending time in community provides us with the opportunity to explore new ways of being, relating to ourselves, each other and nature. In this space we learn, and grow and create together.

The space is a meditation retreat center, and we practice various natural health and wellness modalities, both as individuals and as a community on our path of personal and collective evolution and growth. Some of these include meditation, yoga, flow arts, sweat lodge, plant based eating, and natural medicines. We invite you to connect deeply with yourself, and with nature, to act mindfully, and to consciously co-create with us.

We work together for 5 hours each day and have weekends to rest. We ask that everyone contributes what they can towards meal costs, coffee/tea/sugar/snacks. This enables us to reinvest more energy into the project and systems, accelerating the regeneration process. We prepare and eat meals together & helping in the kitchen is another task for volunteers to get involved in. In a community, we share responsibilities.  

The work exchange is for two plant-based meals and basic breakfast per day, accommodation, as well as the hands on learning opportunities that this project offers in practical permaculture, agro-ecology, agro-forestry, ecosystem restoration, horticulture, soil creation, plant-based cooking, herbal medicines, woodwork, music, art, and more.

There is space to host talks or workshops. We encourage you to share your skills, knowledge, and passions with the team or with the local community.

In your spare time volunteers have the opportunity to explore and utilize the beautiful facilities on the land, participate in our community events like yoga & meditation sessions and music evenings.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, then please fill out the volunteers application form here.


Choose from quiet forest cabins all the way to raw camping… whatever your choice, you shall find rest in the forest bubble.

We have several beautiful wooden, hand-built cabins, an open plan communal kitchen and dining area, a hall for yoga & meditation. Sustainable rainwater systems, composting toilets, fire heated showers, an organic food garden and a fire temple.


We are positioned right next to the indigenous forests of the Garden Route National park, inhabited by ancient trees, diverse plant and animal life, including the mysterious Knysna elephant, vervet monkeys, baboons, the Knysna Lourie, and much more. We are about 30 minutes walk from the Homtini river, which offers opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, swim, or adventure down the river gorge. If you have a vehicle, you can explore the nearby towns of Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Sedgefield over weekends.

Forest Cabins

Walking among tall trees along a short forest path, you find five wooden cabins.  All cabins were built on the property and offer an immersive nest within the forest.

Cabins sleep two people and have comfortable single beds with shelves, bedding & extra blankets for the winter. Single or shared occupation is available. Our new cabin is suited for couples, containing a double bed.


There is plenty of space in the forest if you prefer a more down to earth experience.