Spring 2019 Update

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As an organisation, Pachamama now stands on the precipice of expansion. Over the last three years we have been building the networks, infrastructure and systems to be able to support the vision we hold for this land.

Many people have participated and nurtured the seed of this project. The success is attributed to of all the energy and work that has been put in by the community – The shareholders, directors, employees, volunteers, friends and everyone who has contributed on all levels.

We see the value in public participation and we have felt a strong calling to extend our ability to connect with a wider audience through sharing our story.

We have joined Patreon to connect with a global community, driven by a common purpose of restorative thinking. Many people are looking for alternative ways of living in a rapidly shifting world. We stand to represent a simpler way of living, founded upon how we can benefit our environment for generations to come.

Here are a series of images and updates on our current projects:

We have been turning all the tree we have cut from the food forest zone into planks with the Homtini Foresters crew.

We are stockpiling planks for future house and furniture construction

We will use these offcuts (cants) to create a fence along the road to prevent the growing herd of Vagabond Kraaibosch cattle from roaming the buffer zone and eating the baby trees.

We have almost finished clearing the invasive trees from Zone 2. This pic taken from Ganesh house

The old carport has been removed from the entrance and relocated at the sawmill

We have planted tree circles with indigenous trees and will continue as the large trees are felled after a few weeks

The big ones must die back completely before we fell them so that they don’t come back from the root. These have been ringbarked

Dans hut is looking Cosy and clean

The new hut is looking forward to summer occupation

The roof of the Opa leaks and we have to do more work here but it is watertight with the tarps on for now

Next week we will start to cut all these pine trees. This is where the sacred tree grove will develop. We have to cut these trees with urgency because they are starting to get woodworm and the sooner we cut the better

PG bison land has been cleared. This is where the fire came from and jumped our boundary. We won’t have any fires coming from this side for 7 to ten years

The opposition side is Pachamama and the watercourse that flows through the land. This is where we are going to collaborate with San Parks and the green scorpions to enforce the law that non indigenous trees may not be planted within 33 meters of a natural watercourse. This is a good avenue for us to pursue as we work toward the firebreak corridor.

It’s a lot of work to get back to its natural state but we can do it. Our well will go here somewhere

The firebreaks are in excellent condition after the years cleaning. Those big pines, twelve of them must come down still but we have little fire threat this year so we will wait till the grove and fence are complete

We have millions if not billions of worms. We are creating a worm army to help us with the soil conditioning.

Compost creation is an ongoing weekly process. We are getting the compost shower to 60/65 degrees

The gardens are so well prepared and pathways leveled and chipped. Ready for a productive season

We are still doing regular sweat lodges

Often with just the crew

We currently have a serious water shortage and are busy revamping all the roof catchment tanks and making sure we catch all the rain we can

Some nice sunset shots if the control burn last month

Picture of the month

Some of the beautiful organically harvested wood from our invasive clearing project.

Fergie, our tractor has been amazing. We couldn’t possibly have done it without her.

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