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Planting Trees – at last!

It is with real pleasure and happiness that all Pachamama volunteers joined together last Monday to plant the very first indigenous trees of the Pachamama Forest Restoration Project. 

We currently are a team of five volunteers that decided to stay over the lockdown at Pachamama. We all (together with the core team and former volunteers) spent weeks of hard work to clear the invasive vegetation of nearly one hectare of land. This included, not only cutting down the big pines, wattles and eucalyptuses, but also stacking them in piles, chipping their branches in order to obtain mulch, collect firewood (mainly wattle and eucalyptus), move the big pine logs out (those will be used in the sawmill to prepare wood planks for future tiny houses), pull the smaller trees, draw the contours of the land, draw the contours of the land, and of course gather the trees and nurse them!

But finally here we go! All with a smile, adding some compost to inoculating the soil with microorganism, mixing the soil to humanure, planting the tree, mulch and creating a little water collection barrier! Here, we are pictured putting the first five trees in the ground, 1.995 more to go!

Text and images by: Katharina Paris

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