Gardens – Production of Food and Medicine

Expanding food production is a priority in order to feed a growing team of people who are needed to implement the various projects.

The food gardens are at their best at this time of year! The hard work of early Spring of remaking the beds and filling the pathways with woodchip is really noticeable – The community is eating fresh greens from the garden daily and is stocked on a supply of home-grown seedlings from our new nursery bench. We look forward to harvesting: corn, beans, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuce, chard, spinach, calendula, celery, beetroot, carrots, chives, onions, potatoes, and much more! 

We are also cultivating medicinal herbs with the potential to move into the production of natural health products

Our primary food garden or zone 1 is a large structure covered in shade netting to keep monkeys and other large animals out.

The irrigation is set up with an electric pump connected to our dam with individual taps and sprayers for the seedling bench, the garden beds and lines in our tree nursery.