Living-Learning Centre

The Pachamama Living Learning Centre facilitates the exchange of skills, knowledge, and experience, seeding practical ways to adapt and regenerate. It weaves together an international network of people, projects, and possibilities for collaboration and co-creation of a new paradigm. It plants seeds of a new story of hope nurtured through direct action. In addition to this it can offer additional revenue that can supplement the implementation costs of projects that also offer educational value to the public.

Volunteer Programme 

2019 brought more than 25 volunteers to pachamama. They not only contribute to delicious, healthy meals and  hard work on the land, in the garden, nursery, cleaning, etc. They also bring a vital element of appreciation, fun, joy and learning! We have had very positive feedback from all volunteers this year, and are happy to continue the program next year.

Volunteers also contribute R100 a week to the kitchen department to subsidise the cost of meals, and also have the option to rent a cabin at a discounted rate, helping to improve occupancy, especially during the quiet months. 


There have been different workshops, yoga classes and healing sessions offered in the Yoga Hall and many beautiful music sessions in the opa and around the fire. These workshops have been offered by both team members as well as volunteers, and guests. 

Moving forward we aim to start hosting more regular workshops and courses related to creating a regenerative culture. 


We see this as a great way to share skills and knowledge, expanding the Pachamama network, while bringing in income for the guest lodge, kitchen, and creating paid roles for facilitators, and course organisers. It also opens up the potential to bring experts to Pachamama as guest facilitators, accelerating the learning and growth of the Pachamama community, and long term team members. In so doing we can also play a role in increasing the capacity of the local and wider communities to adapt and create resilient regenerative systems and structures.

One proposed course, a practical course “building ferrocrete water tanks was scheduled for 2019, but had to be cancelled due to a lack of confirmed bookings. This highlighted a need for improvement in organisation and marketing efforts. We look forward to hosting many more courses as our capacity to dedicate the required time and energy improves

Research Field Station

Connecting to the work of other directors of Pachamama Projects NPC, namely Dylan McGary and Saskia Vermelyn, the intention to offer an experiential living learning environment to postgrad students researching topics related to the work and projects being implemented at Pachamama. This intention with this is to connect Pachamama to academic institutions with environmental field station requirements.