Tree Nursery

Our local pioneer tree species – Virgilia divaricata, commonly known as Keurboom.

Our tree nursery, in partnership with Bio-Harmonic now has a total of 2000+ trees, and is set up to grow and supply trees into the Pachamama Forest Restoration Project, which has the potential to secure sales of a minimum of 2000 trees per year over the next five years. 

An additional nursery bench with irrigation has been set up in order to be able to propagate more trees from cuttings and seeds. This plays a vital role in our capacity to propagate trees and plants required for the forest reforestation, gardens, herbal medicine, and agroforestry project. The production of trees, and reforestation also increases our capacity for carbon offset projects.

We are looking forward to establishing a diverse mother stock of trees and plants on the land, as well the propagation infrastructure needed to produce, not only enough trees and plants needed for our own ecosystem restoration and agro-ecology projects, but also a surplus to supply plant material to the supply other regenerative projects.