Sound Journey Meditation

A Sound Journey is an experience of shamanic healing that occurs on the deepest level,  an emotional-spiritual letting go, diving deep into the beauty inside and reaching back to the first time people put their hands together to make rhythm. It taps into our basic physiology, connecting body, mind spirit and Soul. The healing purpose of the sound journey is not to imprint but to de-imprint. To unwind. To let go. Truly let go!

Historically, sound has been used as a point of focus in meditation, prayer, healing, and ritual throughout the world. As with so much that is mystical, our culture has lost touch with the nature of sound as a vehicle for healing. Throughout most traditional cultures, sound is and has been used as a tool for focusing creative intent and invocation of divine energies. The African Sangoma or Native American shaman, drum or rattle in hand, invokes celestial allies for healing through chant, song, and prayer. Sound is a vehicle through which one may call to, merge with or express the creative divine.

The Sound journey is a shamanic journey, initiated in the oldest sense by the extraordinary, consciousness-altering alchemy of sound. Sound can resonate and discharge the emotional energies locked within our tissues, our cellular memories, our emotional and energetic bodies.

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