The Sweat lodge

Ritual sweating is a physical and spiritual cleansing practice, an introspection tool that enables us to connect to the source, releasing that which no longer serves us and assisting us to receive that which we need to move forward in our spiritual growth. It is a place to seek answers and guidance.

Our Sweat lodge is an integration of the African Sweat Hut, the Temazcal and the Inipi. We run the lodge in the red path/sacred fire design, exploring ancient and new songs which work as a ‘glue’ to hold our community together. The songs show appreciation for creation, clearing away obstructions to clarity and growth. They lift our spirits and honour all sentient beings. Each ceremony has four rounds, each round (or quarter) lasting for approximately half an hour.

The greater underlying intention in the Sweat Lodge ritual is to acknowledge, feel and experience our spirit bodies. As the steam rises, so do our senses and our prayers. In the heat and darkness of the lodge, we come closer to ourselves and to understanding each other. When groups of people come together and focus their intent, it becomes a potentially powerful and creative situation.

By doing these ceremonies we weave a web of connections between those present and all of our relations (all of creation).

Other benefits of doing regular sweat lodge are:

  • Detoxification
  • Energetic purification
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Community connection
  • Spiritual connection
  • Ceremonial honouring of life, yourself and the Earth
  • Overcome physical discomfort and frustration
  • A good remedy for arthritis, muscle pain
  • A good remedy for circulation and skin disorders

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