Personal Vision Quests

We offer support for a personal vision quest in the forest anytime, by appointment.

A vision quest is a journey of self-exploration through finding the still space between your internal environment and your external environment. Spending one day in the forest with no distractions, words or interactions with people opens your senses to hearing the sound harmonics of nature, to seeing the intricate systems of the insects and birds and to absorbing the healing essence that nature has to offer.

The process:

After getting a good night’s rest in one of our retreat huts in the forest, we meet for a breakfast of fruit around 8 am.

Thereafter, finding a space in the forest for a silent meditation where you will sit in solitude for the day. Nishi will visit you two or three times during the day, returning to the retreat together at about 5pm. Participants spend the day in this space, not walking around, speaking, singing, smoking, writing, reading or having electronic gadgetry such as cell phone or pads etc with them.

You may take a fruit, a blanket, umbrella and half a liter of water with you. It is a powerful space to sit with yourself and take a look within, offering you the opportunity to integrate and reconnect with nature and the spirits of the forest. We will spend the evening around the fire if the weather allows. Departing the following morning.

Accommodation is in wooden huts or you may pitch a tent if you wish to camp under the stars.

If you would like our assistance with a personal Vision Quest at Pachamama, then please contact Nixiwaka to discuss.