Yoga is a continuous practice and discipline of unifying one’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects. Yoga  uses the combination of postures, movement, breath and mantra as a vehicle to reach a point of harmony within where the inner voice can be heard and honoured.

Practicing yoga is a discipline of constant awareness and conscious integration of the spirit, heart, mind and body in each moment, so that actions may become deliberate and less reactive due to default programming of past patterns and habits. When becoming disciplined in the practice of any form of yoga, one embarks on a path of learning self-mastery through the dedication of focus to learning about what hinders balance and what promotes balance. Yoga is a path of becoming acquainted with our shadow and our light and learning to live harmoniously with our all-encompassing selves.

We offer the retreat space as a venue for external facilitators to book for hosting retreats, please contact us for more info.