Volunteer Application.

This survey is to screen applicants who wish to stay at Pachamama Forest Retreat, working as a Volunteer.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Pachamama Forest Retreat. Please complete the following form with as much detail as possible. We will get back to you about your request to volunteer at Pachamama.

There are 21 questions in this survey.

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Do you have children? If yes, please comment below with how many and their ages.

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Is there anything else about your physical, psychological or emotional state we should know about?

Please tell us any specific talents that you have. Organizational, Gardening, Carpentry, Foresting, Cooking Cleaning, internet related, etc

Please give the name of the person or organisation who recommended us to you?
What date do you intend to arrive on?
What date will you depart?
How do you intend to travel to Pachamama?
What accommodation do you require?
Do you have any experience volunteering? If so, please give some references.

By submitting this form, I declare that I have answered all the above questions fully and honestly and have not withheld any information that I believe could be important. As far as I am aware, my general health is good.