At Pachamama we strive to live in harmony with the natural environment, intending to mimic nature whenever possible. To do this we will experiment by utilising alternative, sustainable technologies and off-grid living systems, which enable us to have a net positive impact on the environment and to become more sustainable.

Our practices include:

Forest Restoration, Natural Building, Food Gardens, Rain-water Systems, Waste Systems (Compost & Recycling) and Fire-heated Showers.

The land, situated on the edge of the Jubilee Creek Nature Reserve, was once a thriving section of the indigenous Knysna Forest. After years of forestry in the area, the land now consists of nine hectares of predominantly non-indigenous trees – namely wattle, pine and blue gum. There are scatterings of young indigenous trees and sections of fynbos already on the land, with a diverse population of birds and animals moving through it.

We aim to create a gateway into the indigenous forest by slowly removing the predominant invasive species and gradually re-introducing indigenous flora to the area, starting with our land and intentionally inspiring those around us to do the same. Our vision is to create a thriving food forest that is in balance with the natural forest, providing us with an abundance of edible and medicinal plants. We will be working in close collaboration with San Parks representatives and the neighbouring farms that border the indigenous forest, as well as the surrounding pine plantation managers, to ensure that the project is compatible with the growth of the existing indigenous forest and that the project ultimately benefits the surrounding areas and community.

This long-term project includes:

    • The building and management of tree nurseries and wood storage facilities
    • The use of the invasive trees as a natural building resource
      Job-creation and skills development for community of Kraaibosch
    • The creation of eco-products utilizing the wood from the invasive trees to financially support the maintenance and management of the project.
  • We are currently in the processes of clearing sections of the land to make space for the introduction of indigenous trees and plants, and are busy building our first phase nursery, edible and medicinal gardens.

How can you support this project?

  • Become a member of the Pachamama Community to stay updated on the project and avenues for support and involvement.
  • Participate in a reforestation exchange program.
  • Make a monthly financial contribution to the advancement of our project.
  • Make a once-off financial contribution to help fund our project.

If you would like to discuss alternative methods of support or involvement please contact us directly.

* Financial Contributions will be used to fund the purchasing of equipment needed for the reforestation (LIST), the wages of the community members who will assist with the labor, and the establishment of our nurseries.