As a community we have the opportunity to learn from one another, to discover and explore the power of co-creation. Spending time as part of a conscious community provides us with the opportunity to explore new ways of being, relating with ourselves, one another and nature.

We invite you to join us at Pachamama and to participating in one of the exchange programs that we offer on the land.

These programs are for individuals who resonate with our vision and the work that we do, and would like to offer their time and energy in exchange for joining us here and being part of our community for a period of time.

We offer work exchange programs at certain times of the year. These programs are dependent on the projects that we are working on at that time. We also offer longer-term exchange options for established members of our community or for individuals with specific skill sets that are needed on the land.

Being part of our community means taking responsibility for oneself and the impact of one’s actions on others and the environment. It also means being sensitive and respectful to other people’s healing process and being open to learn from each other and one’s own patterns. We ask all of our exchange participants to be conscious of these guidelines and to endeavor to act for the greater good of all while staying with us.

If you are interested in finding out about upcoming exchange programs please view our calendar. If you want to enquire about arranging a personal long-term exchange, contact us directly.

Come get involved in our exciting projects on the land for two weeks or more. We provide you with two healthy plant-based meals a day, experiential learning about the current community project, (natural building, permaculture, sustainable systems, etc) and invite you to join our daily yoga/meditation practices. We also invite you to join the occasional sound journeys and a sweat lodge purification ritual with us.

We work together for 4-5 hours each day and have weekends to rest. We ask that everyone contribute towards kitchen and meal costs.

In your spare time you have the opportunity to explore and utilize the beautiful facilities on the land, participate in the daily yoga and meditation sessions and explore the natural walks on and around the land.

I you’re interested in volunteering with us, then please sign up to the website here.

and fill out the volunteers application form here.