Water & Waste Systems

Water Systems

Rain-water Harvesting System


Our eco-buildings include rainwater harvesting systems that collect and distribute the water throughout the retreat. We store our water in large JoJo tanks and ask all community members and guests to be conscious of their water usage while on the land. We utilize our grey water and the water collected in our dam for watering our gardens and have a gravity fed sprinkler system in place to ensure efficient distribution of water throughout our food garden.

Waste Systems – Compost & Recycling

We have a composting and recycling system on the land. All of our organic waste goes into our worm farm and large compost heaps which we also layer with organic material collected whilst clearing and maintaining the grounds. We have compost toilets on the land, which are managed by the community and are regularly maintained. Our composting system is essential to our on-going project of restoring the health and fertility of the soil.