The Team

The Pachamama Team

Nixiwaka Stirling

Nixi is the founder of Pachamama Project NPC. He is a registered traditional healer, who has seeded this project into existence through his connection and communion with the forest and his own medicine work. He also maintains a relationship with South America, specifically Brazil & Costa Rica, where he works with others exploring the boundaries of consciousness and mainstream thinking.
He has a powerful ability to connect individuals and weave together teams dedicated to a common purpose. With 57 years of accumulated knowledge, he has a wealth of experience towards operations on the land.
“Community coalesces itself into existence through symbiotic relationships, we cannot create community; but we can create an environment in which community will thrive” Nixiwaka

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Christopher Nash

Chris is the managing director of Pachamama Project NPC and Founder of Bio-Harmonic Permaculture (South Africa), he is motivated by a deep connection with nature and inspired to create regenerative circular systems and spaces that support the holistic health and well-being of the next 7 generations. He has studied permaculture, project management, sustainable development, social entrepreneurship, and ecovillage design education. His work is centered around symbiosis with all 6 biological kingdoms, and is passionate about heart centered collaboration and co-creation.

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Location: Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa