Forest Restoration Project

Pachamama Forest Restoration Project

The Pachamama Forest Restoration Project is working to restore degraded land on the edge of the indigenous Knysna forests, focusing on degraded forest edges, riparian zones and land affected by wildfires, on the buffer zone of the Garden Route National Park in the Kraaibosch region, Western Cape. 

We are developing and implementing holistic ecosystem restoration models, and climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, through the clearing of invasive vegetation, and reforesting with indigenous trees, building healthy soil, improving water resilience, and increasing biodiversity.

Through this process we are developing a regenerative enterprise ecosystem, a vertically integrated value chain and resource based micro-economy, through Bio-Harmonics “Holistic organic matter management model”. We are doing this by processing, adding value and reinvesting the natural resources that become available through the restoration process.

In 2020, we planted 2020 indigenous trees of more than 20 endemic and indigenous species, while clearing 0.65 hectares of alien vegetation to extend the indigenous forest and increase its resilience to wildfires. In 2021 we will plant an additional 800 indigenous trees, while planting 200 tree’s into our agroforestry project.  

A regenerative culture is formed when people and come together to remember their interconnection with nature, to play their part in restoring landscapes. Through creating symbiotic relationships with the natural world, and with each other, we continue to create networks, communities, and ecosystems that are collaboratively co-creating conditions for all life to thrive, for generations to come.

The Pachamama Forest Restoration Project has been made possible by the multi-stakeholder collaboration of Pachamama Projects NPC, our strategic partners, Homtini Foresters and Bio-Harmonic Permaculture, funding partner Greenpop Foundation, and volunteers.

The Bio-Harmonic Tree Nursery

Propagating and supplying quality trees and plants. Specialising in agroforestry and indigenous afro-mountain species for landscape restoration

Homtini Foresters

Clearing and processing invasive vegetation, producing timber, woodchip, firewood, and carpentry products.

The Homtini Foresters Sawmill and Carpentry Workshop @ Pachamama